TSS Limiter PRO v.0

Limiter for ship models with online telemetry

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The energy limiter for radio-controlled models (hereinafter the limiter) is intended for calculation and limitation of the energy consumed by the model.

The device is equipped with the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) interface for communication with mobile devices or computers which allows to perform its settings and receive the current readings without need of having direct access to and its removing from the model.

The device can be used both for running the competitions to limit the energy consumed by the model from the accumulator and for training intentions to set the model and take the actual readings on current, voltage, energy and consumable battery capacity.

The device fully meets the Naviga requirements which allows using it in all kinds of registered or non-registered competitions according to Naviga rules. In event of rule changes, the new array of device settings will be available in new firmware upgrades of the device. The firmware upgrade is performed through the user`s phone, you need not send the device anywhere.

Technical specification




Measured voltage

0 – 42V


Voltage measurement accuracy


At voltages from 2V

Measured current (up to 20 sec)

1 – 150A

At voltages from 2V

Measured current (DC)

1 – 100A

At voltages from 2V

Current measurement accuracy

±0.5% + ±50mA

At voltages from 2V

Measured energy

0 – 300,000Wh

Energy measurement accuracy


Temperature measurement

-10 – +150⁰C

Device temperature

Temperature measurement accuracy


Sampling frequency


Series resistance


Current consumption


BEC voltage

4 – 13V

Type of communication interface


Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0

Communication Interface range


In direct visibility

Receiver signal

0.7 – 2.3ms

Standard PPM 3.3-10V

Working temperature range

0 – 50⁰C

IP rating


Dimensions of the device

23 х 21 х 10mm

No wires included



Including all wires and plugs

Wire to receiver length


Wire to ESC length


Type of signal wires

26AWG (JR)

Length of the power wire


Type of the power wire


Short description

In total, the device has 32 sets of settings, 26 (6 - 31) of which are user-defined and are subject to change.

The device has 6 sets of preset settings. These settings cannot be changed and 1 – 5 sets fully comply with the Naviga rules.

Logger and telemetry

The device is equipped with logger, which can be used as an online telemetry and as an ordinary logger, allowing you to read the meashured data after the race.

Logger and telemetry display the following parameters:

  • Current;
  • Average current for 10 seconds;
  • Voltage;
  • Measured energy;
  • Measured capacity;
  • Temperature (own);
  • Power consumption for the race (economizer);
  • Average current for the race;
  • Average voltage for the race;
  • Measured race time.

A display of the average current per race and the average voltage per race will be added soon.

Configuration and software

The basic settings of the limiter can be changed using a button that is connected via a wire that goes to the receiver.

Functions of setting by button is given in the table:

Settings set number


Energy limitation


Training mode, telemetry only


Mini Eco, Mono, Hydro



Eco Expert, Mono I, Hydro I



Mono II, Hydro II






For tests only





Reset of energy calculation

Hold down for 10 ± 3 seconds

Indication can be updated with delay in one period

Switching the set of settings up

Push once

Only if the energy calculation is not started. Cyclically switching between 0–5 sets

Switching the set of settings down

Hold down for 1 second

Only if the energy calculation is not started. Cyclically switching between 0–5 sets

Password reset

Hold down for 30 ± 10 seconds

Only if the energy calculation is not started.

Manual start of bootloader

Hold down before switching on, release as soon as the green LED goes out

In normal device operation it is not used. Required if there are problems with updating the firmware in a regular manner.

User manual

TSS Limiter v.0 Quick start guide.pdf
TSS Limiter v.0 User manual.pdf