Version for Mini classes. It differs from the regular version only in the use of 13AWG power cable, instead of 10AWG as in the regular version. This version can only be used for Mini class models; long-term current should not exceed 40A.

The energy limiter for radio-controlled models (hereinafter the limiter) is intended for calculation and limitation of the energy consumed by the model.

The device is equipped with the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) interface for communication with mobile devices or computers which allows to perform its settings and receive the current readings without need of having direct access to and its removing from the model.

The device can be used both for running the competitions to limit the energy consumed by the model from the accumulator and for training intentions to set the model and take the actual readings on current, voltage, energy and consumable battery capacity.

The device fully meets the Naviga requirements which allows using it in all kinds of registered or non-registered competitions according to Naviga rules. In event of rule changes, the new array of device settings will be available in new firmware upgrades of the device. The firmware upgrade is performed through the user`s phone, you need not send the device anywhere.